Love Lies

How is it that you taught me to love ~ yet love only taught me to lie... March 10 .16


Did you really think it would work out any differently other than being wrong? March 8 .16

Right but Wrong

When what you do comes from a beautiful  place with only honest intentions & lots of love from afar ~…

That Moment

You’ll always remember the exact moment the world took her away… March 3 .16 (feminine version)

A Glimpse

Longing to close my eyes every night ~ with hope in my heart
 that I might catch 
a glimpse of…


Thinking of you every day ~ like it was yesterday… February 25 .15 [button size="medium" style="primary" text="buy this Soul Stories…

Black n’ Blue

You didn't say goodbye ~ is the saddest story that lays within my
 black n' blue heart... February 8 .16

Stone Heart

With my heart like stone, I finally hit my low & gracefully found the courage to let go... January 5…

My Time

I kept all the things that you threw away without much thought
 ~ now it was 
my time 

Beautiful Sad

Holding onto all of the beautiful sad things which felt more comforting than feeling nothing at all... January 14 .16

So Much You

There's so much of you in everything I see & all that I do... January 12 .16 [button size="medium" style="primary"…

Pocketful of Wind

I know that I constantly reach for you during my down & self doubting moments ~ but every now &…

Comes Around

Even when you've been beautifully broken for such a long time, you will never forget that feeling of your heart cracking…

Truthful Love

Love rarely grows without the beauty of permanence & reliability ~ yet it also dies a little each day without…

Inevitable Ending

The dread of knowing that the inevitable end of each moment will pass ~ that love doesn't last forever... December…

Tucked Inside

We have so much love tucked away inside ~ just not enough understanding to share with others in this exceptional…


There was nothing anyone could do as she felt the 
flow of tears
 dissolving every last 
 drop of glue…

Closed or Open

Over the times that ache beyond belief, has your heart closed up & grown an invisible shell laced with armour?…

Goodbye Time

It was time to say goodbye to all of the pieces
 that had wilted away 
 & died inside... November…

Except You

He told her that he had everything in life that he ever needed ~ except her... November 20 .15 (masculine…

Enough Light

Let the good within our heart create enough light to guide us through this darkness… November 13 .15

Invisible Disaster

Feeling like an invisible disaster ~ insides so broken down the middle that she could float
 through walls... November 11…


The wonder of falling in love with a poet, is that pieces of your essence will forever live on within…

Still Wonder

I don't remember the exact day that you started to fade ~ and I still wonder if it would have…