Accidental Photo

I almost deleted this accidental photo , but as l stared at it
a little longer than I should have, I found so much more… 

From left to right, a cheeky glass of red as the sun settles , 2 incredibly special Soul Stories (original & limited edition #4) with custom framing , wrapped up to make its way to a lovely new home, Mum’s venetian masks on the wall ~ representing one of my fav cities to play in, my simple journal and random pencil ✏ of the 100’s I own, the sun kissing the couch, Macdonald the giraffe sitting in the corner ~ which was my gift to mum in remembrance of her brother whom she lost too young, my custom made bike  from an X-pro rider, which was a gift to my heart during a very desperate and dark period of my life and my beautifully hand carved chair which I found in Montevideo, Sth America by an extremely talented and fascinating artist  ~ trans-shipped from cruise ship to cruise ship to finally make its way back to me in Oz… 

This accidental photo holds a lot of love, magic and memories in my heart 
I am beyond grateful.

Much love and light, always xx t


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