2018 – Soul Strength Year

Hey Soul Stories spunks – fingers crossed that your New Year is off to a flying start similar to mine? So much personal & professional growth already! WOW ~ let’s hope it’s a great indication of how the rest of the year will pan out? 😉

First up, l will start with my humble apologise for my lack of newsletters last year. Whoops, l think there was a total of two? Time most certainly flys when you’re having fun & working your ass off!

I mainy wanted to write this newsletter to hold myself accountable & not chicken out about a grand adventure coming up soon. I will leave this story for now, a little teaser, & fill you in on the rest right before l sign off… Promise.

Wow, soooooo much stuff to share – so l’m just going to pick out a few bits & pieces & try & be a little more disciplined with my story/newsletter sharing this down the track.

Most of you have been watching me explore with Oils lately – & l’ve been LOVING the process. I really feel that l’m pushing Soul Stories to new levels with this medium & would love to spend even more time in this direction. Hmmm, if only there was another me to help me out with my other ‘things to do’ on my never ending ‘to do’ list? (like everyone really)All in good time my friends… Definitely watch this space.

A mega THANK YOU to all of my followers who keep sending in wonderful photos with their SS creations & heartfelt stories to go with them. So much fun adding them all to the ‘Around the World’ Gallery section on the website. By all means, if l’ve missed adding anyones, please let me know!? I’m still constantly sending out little gifts to four or five lucky dip photos sent in each month!!
My favourite Calendar participants are setting new boundaries in regards to the ‘fun days’ & are in serious competition with their buddies which has me in fits of giggles whenever l cach their posts. Check out their ‘Wonder Women Day’ below – simply gold!

If you haven’t seen Wellbeing Magazines fab giveaway for five ‘i dream of jeanne’ series 3 totes – be sure to run over to their Facebook page ASAP for your chance to win one, as l’m sure their competion closes soon.
All you have to do is tag your Soul Friend, pretty easy hey!?

I’m not far from being finished creating a special ‘Nourish’ series for a beautiful & healthy cafe in Eden, NSW, called ‘Sprout Eden’. Owner Karen Lott & l have been discussing special SS ideas for quite some time now, suited to her business integrities which of course goes hand in hand with Soul Stories. l’m about 3/4’s finished the original series & if all goes well, there may even be a few prints for sale in her inspiring space!

A mega shout out to Linden New Art Gallery & their awesome Post Card Show… I’ve been lucky enough to sell two original pieces of four (the max that you can enter) & really need to go & visit before the show closes on February 23rd, 2018. This is the 4th time l’ve entered their show & each time it has been extrememly rewarding for me. Not only for selling some of my creations, but for the great exposure & wonderful souls l’ve met along the way.

Ok this is getting a bit long now, so a massive thank you to all of the small independant businesses out there that support Soul Stories. Whether it’s for wholesale or consignment ~ by taking on 6 gift cards, or 60, along with prints, wall hangings, jeanne totes, calendars & original pieces!?
You all mean the ABSOLUTE FREAKING WORLD to me! Thank you so much. Everyone & every tiny bit helps me to continue doing what l love with all of my heart.
To help, heal and inspire ~ as many souls as l possibly can…

Time for the ‘grand finale’ news.
Towards the end of May, l’m heading to the West Coast of USA to try & break into the market. Eek!??! I probably should start by saying that:


Anyways, Im planning to set up shop with a USA printer who will take care of all SS printing & distribution once l find the right places & spaces who are willing to give Soul Stories a shot.
I have three months over there to:
a. Make a dent in the USA market
b. Start to solidify material for SS first book (there will be a ‘dream’ series of several down the track ~ a collection of stories & illustrations).
c. And of course, to catch up with beautiful friends and create some stories along the way.
First stop will be L.A then down to San Diego & work my way up along the coast. If anyone would like to shout out ANY places that might be interesting for me to approach (regarding Wholesale for Soul Stories) then l’m all ears!

There ~  it’s finally OUT!
I’m kinda excitedly freaking out, as without me in Australia, Soul Stories will kinda sorta come to a grinding hault? I will be sure to do lots of advertising before l leave for everyone to stock up, hehe… Right now, it’s time to triple down, do some homework & save my butt off!

Over & out rockstars, that’s all she wrote for tonight & super excited for what’s to come…
In the meantime, keep on being brave, believing in yourself & sharing your incredible stories. 2018 is a strength year – for truly believing in your self-worth, letting the chatter of self-doubt fall behind & realizing that your time will come ~ from all of the hard work, patience & perseverance that you’ve put into your daily passions…

Much love, xt

P.s Catch y’all at the Seven Sister Festival soon, March 2nd-4th @ Mt. Martha… So many lovely people have been telling me how well suited Soul Stories would be for this inspiring event – so it’s time to prep, go play & find out for myself…

Pps. Oh & remember, its privilege for the listener when you have the courage to open up & share your stories ~ so keep on sharing! 



Tams Travels…
Fav albums this month: The Greatest Showman Soundtrack, Beautiful Trauma ~ Pink and Full Hearts & Empty Rooms ~ Emma Lousie
Currently Reading: Twyla Tharp ~ The Creative Habit &
Paul Samuel Dolman ~ Hitchhiking with Larry David

Movie Inspiration: The Shape of WaterThe Greatest Showman​

Fav cafe/boutique: The Pickle Pot & The Foxes Den

Do yourself a favour: Book a session @ Beyond Rest in Prahran 
(l’ve yet to try, but sooooo on my to do ASAP)

Pay It Forward Moment: Stopping to help a struggling lady load her giant mirrow into her car.

New Places Visited: Mallacoota & Dawes Point

New Places Planning to Visit for Soul Stories: Torquay, Warnambool ​& Sydney

Live Event Coming Up: Augie March @ The Velvet Room, Thornbury

Current Mood: Strong, heart work on remembering self WORTH…


scatter your SOUL & share your STORIES…

Daily Soul Stories

Wishing you were someone else
is just a beautoful waste
of the incredibke soul
that you truly are…
© January 14 .18

Beautiful Waste

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