Old Souls ~ CoffeeCap Delight series


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From the very moment their eyes and energy met ~
their hearts knew 
that their old souls 
had known each other
long before 
they could ever remember

l’ve finally knuckled down and started on one of my own personal projects…
It’s called the ‘CoffeeCap Delight’ series (CCD)…
One of my dear friends David has been saving up many of these elegant Coffee Pod tubes
(Coffee Capsule Delights) which l’ve been wanting to reuse as very cool packaging for some original Soul Stories artwork. So here we go – much loved inspiring stories along with unedited ink illustrations with drops of water colours thrown inbetween…

original ~ coffeecap delight series #24

One of a kind – handcrafted original Soul Stories on beautiful archival paper by Canson.
~ 160gsm, A4 size

$150 aud

*Please note this is NOT A PRINT – It is the original Soul Stories piece created by tams.    



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