Brina & Tayten


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 Brina & Tayten means strength & happy beauty…
Brina ~ Irish & Tayten American

Original 112 & 113 Soul Stories sculptures
created with coloured polymer clay.
Each unique creature is carefully handmade one by one by the artist tams.

The sculptures are sold as a pair & depending on your mood,
they can be placed side by side, full of love and compassion
~ or facing away, for some time alone and self reflection…
If you are affirming a little more strength and happiness in your lifestyle
then Brina & Tayten are the special little souls to surround you with this feeling.

Aprox Size: 1 x Height 5cm & Width 8cm
Aprox Size: 1 x Height 2cm & Width 3cm

Underneath is personalised with a number and a special ‘ss’ signature.
~ Slight variations on the sculptures, colour and the number of them, can also be requested



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