The Sketchbook Project

Wow what a great stumble to find out about this little gem – this ‘Sketchbook Project’ is such a brilliant project which was brought to life via crowdfunding in 2006!! It’s known to date as the biggest sketchbook library in the world, based in New York City – holding over 36,000 sketchbooks within its space!
I’ve just signed up to add a little Soul Stories love to their collection, yayyy. Will have to keep y’all posted. Watch this space indeed! xt

The Sketchbook Project is an independent Brooklyn-based company that organizes global, collaborative art projects.

General Information
It’s like a road trip, but with sketchbooks, and anyone – from anywhere in the world – can be a part of the project.

Every sketchbook contributed to the Project will be included in the traveling library and exhibited in cities and towns across the continent. We are including more cities at every opportunity with our custom-fitted Mobile Library trailer. Cities include Brooklyn, Toronto, Chicago, Portland, Austin, Atlanta and the San Francisco Bay Area and many more.

After the tour, all sketchbooks will enter into the permanent collection at Brooklyn Art Library, where they will be shared for the world to see.

Have a Sketchbook Project question? Ask our support guru here:


How to get on board:

Sign up, receive a blank sketchbook, fill it up and submit it to the world’s largest collection of sketchbooks. Your book will become part of Brooklyn Art Library’s permanent collection and will travel as part of our nationwide art exhibitions!

Submit your work to the world’s largest collection of sketchbooks. Where it will reside in Brooklyn Art Library’s permanent collection, travel to exhibitions across the country and become part of a massive worldwide community of creative people.

Anyone – from anywhere in the world – can be a part of the project. To participate and receive a sketchbook which will become part of Brooklyn Art Library and our traveling exhibitions, so sign up today.

Beautiful Pieces – 4 years…

On top of the hill by the water – nothing but the best for you mum…We love you and miss you with all of our hearts – 4 years still feels like yesterday and probably always will. Xxxxx t ??❤️??


Your goodbye day
will always be
that heartbreakingly
hard day ~ where
everything else
fades away
& all that remains
is your smile,
your kindness,
your love
& all the beautiful
pieces that we
remember about you… © June 18 .17

‘Beautiful Pieces’



Lucky Ones

When the whole world is moving
& lm standing still ~
l can sometimes feel your
protective & proud hands
wrapped around mine…
Your warm laughter & crazy curly hair
~ there’s so much of you
in everything that l
think, feel, see & do.
Thank you for your strength
& making us the luckiest
of the lucky ones.

August 12  .13
(Tailor Made Soul Stories)


Life is too short to wait…

Today a very beautiful friend of mine had an awful car accident. The car is gone, but thankfully, she is not. The last l heard she was having some scans run in hospital – but fingers crossed all is ok.
Ive just read another girlfriends post where she saw a homeless man with positive energy – she assumed he might be homeless, only because he had bags strapped to his wheelchair. She left $20 at the counter and said whatever he wants ‘this’ is his. The next evening she was told that he was hit and killed not 5 hrs later crossing the street as someone was trying to run the light and he couldn’t cross fast enough.

These are the stories that keep me pushing boundaries and living as if my life could end in the blink of an eye – because it can…
We all know it, seen it and have felt it…

So what are YOU waiting for? Are you living the life that you want? Are you planting seeds and taking micro steps towards an open heart and an authentic life? Are you being honest to yourself and others that are dear to you?
Yes, its such a fine line, to stop and smell the flowers along the side of the road along with hard work that you are passionate for or curious about. Its just a matter of checking in each day.
If you are living the life that your soul truly desires, then hard work every day is merely a privilege, a joy, an incredible process that enriches your life and many others…

Life is WAY too short to wait for anything or anyone – take your own hand and don’t even wait for tomorrow, please, with all of my heart, start right now!
Much love and light always, tx